6ième - Concours de poèmes (2009-2010)

Colours - Sioned et Célestine : 1ST

Red is hurt and is a tomato,
Yellow is my skirt and is a bright potato,
Green is the grass and is fresh,
Blue is my glass and does refresh.

Orange is the sun, very hot,
Purple is fun and is a pot.
Grey is sad and is a rat,
Black is mad and is my hat.

Colours are nice,
And are advice.

Happy - Valantine, Jennifer et Kelly : 2ND

My heart is full of joy,
You’re a handsome boy.
Your eyes are beautiful,
You’re strong like a bull.

Your eyes are deep blue,
Your mouth is cute too,
When I take your hand
I feel grand.

My school - Victor et Maxime : 3RD

In my school there is the English classroom,
At four O’ clock it doesn’t smell perfume.
The pupils have heavy bags,
They make silly gags.

The agents do the housework and repair stuff;
Sometimes in the courtyard it is rough.
In our school there are teachers,
Sometimes when they are angry, the teachers resemble creatures.


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