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6ième - Concours de poèmes (2010-2011)

Par admin voltaire-capdenac-gare, publié le vendredi 22 avril 2011 09:00 - Mis à jour le vendredi 19 avril 2013 13:39

Summer - Axelle et Julie : 1ST

Summer is really my favourite season,
Between friends, it is also the time of treason.
There is much sun,
No doubt it is fun!
Everybody likes going to the beach,
No need for a long speech.
We all like to swim,
It’s never grim
It’s obvious for me, for you, for her,
Summer is the best season of the year!

The seasons - Victoria et Audrey : 2ND

In winter there are no flowers,
And birds don't sing.
In spring, I swing with my sisters,
I want to walk to Beijing.
In summer, the sun shines,
The water trickles merrily.
In autumn, the leaves of the pines,
Fall for all the family.
The seasons bring us
The joy of living.
Love - Léa et Sanae : 3RD

Love is really easy,
But the most difficult
Is to be loved by nobody.
It means you have defects.

Love is something which makes us sad
But at other times happy.
Love means quarrel, anger, happiness, it can be bad.
Love also changes us daily.

Love can’t be controlled,
Roughly, love is difficult.